The Story of Why.


The Beginnings

Sifa Threads was started by women for women.  In 2013 we began with 2 young women in one room.  Our project grew as we moved from various garages, then into our first small home, and now to a training center with a shop, small cafe, and room to grow. Sifa Threads operates from donations and purchases of items made by our students.  God has provided in incredible ways and we give Him all the glory.  The next years will be exciting for Sifa Threads, as we plan to expand by partnering with local women and local churches to start Sifa Centers throughout the city of Dar es Salaam. 

Life In The Big City

Dar es Salaam is the ninth fastest growing city in the world.  Many young women move to the city with promises of work in a shop, as domestic help, or in a hotel, only to find themselves tricked by their “future employers” into a life of prostitution.  Other young women move to the city with the hopes of finding a job, but instead find themselves making unimaginable decisions out of their desperation.  Some are brought from the village with no education, no money to return home and kept as domestic slaves unable to even contact their families.  The city is a war zone for young women and they face danger, temptation and fear at every corner.



The Ripple Effect:

Illegal and incredibly dangerous abortions are claiming the lives of many unborn babies and their young mothers.  Ashamed, many young women turn to witch doctors or traditional methods to abort their babies.  Other young mothers alternatively turn to abandoning their babies.  We need to remind ourselves that behind every orphaned child is a story of a mother; a mother who either lost her life or a mother who couldn’t find any other solution than abandoning her child. We believe that by addressing the physical, educational, spiritual & economical needs of a young woman, a voice and strength will develop inside her to protect her own body and the life of her child. Very few women have a heart to abort or abandon their babies but fear and desperation drives them to make these heart wrenching decisions.  We fight to remove any obstacle that stands in the way of a young woman’s rights.

The Cycle of Poverty:

We are passionate about the training and releasing of our young women.  There are many programs that offer jobs to women in developing countries, but we believe that Sifa Threads reaches much deeper than employment.  Providing women with a biblical view of God, themselves and the world around them, education, and their own developed “Big Hope” business plan gives them what they need to succeed in their lives.  We believe that this is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in young women.