Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do young women become students at Sifa Threads?

A:  Young women are recommended by their pastors, their families, former teachers, or people in their community to interview for a position in Sifa Threads.  Our staff and leadership conduct interviews and the students are chosen based on their needs.  We keep the classes small so that we can be devoted to each of our students and their specific needs and help them succeed in every way during their time in Sifa Threads.

Q: Can I visit Sifa Threads?

A: We gladly welcome guests!  Because we are a training school, we do need to protect our student’s time.  Kiswahili is spoken, but you will be gladly welcomed by our team and our students to come, learn, hear, and return as a voice! 

 Find out more about planning a trip to Dar es Salaam or bringing a group to our training center.

Q: How can I sponsor a student?

A: You can and it is a huge help.  However, to protect our young women, we do not give out their information. Please contact for more information on supporting students and donations.


Q: Is giving to Sifa Threads tax deductible?

A: Yes.  All donations to Sifa Threads are tax deductible. 

Q: Why don’t you sell your items online?

A: Our students make each product during their training.  Every design is chosen as a method for teaching our students a specific skill that can be used in their futures businesses here in Tanzania.  All of our fabric and leather is locally sourced---meaning we buy it when it’s available.  Because of this, every single product is one-of-a-kind therefore making it difficult to sell in the mass.  We offer beautiful products which can be ordered through boutique in a box. Contact

Q: How much of the profit goes back to Sifa Threads?

A: 100% of the profit returns to Sifa Threads.  

Q: Do you offer boarding for your students?

A: Some of our students are in more desperate situations than others. In some cases, we offer alternative shared housing for our students.  However, we are passionate about training and sending.  Because of this, we believe that the best way for our girls to have maximum impact for the gospel and for their future businesses is to remain in their communities.  Removing them short-term can cause trauma for re-entering and also removes them from the tremendous impact that they are having on their communities.  Many of our students have begun Bible Studies in their homes or their neighbor’s homes.  We have heard many accounts of the impact our girls have in their communities for sharing the hope of the gospel.  We also know that their local business thrives mostly through the relationships built.  Right after learning the machines, we encourage our students to offer promotions and discounts in their communities for simple sewing. 

Q: Can I become a volunteer (Stateside or on-location in Dar es Salaam) at Sifa Threads.  

A:  We have volunteer applications available upon request.  Please contact Stephanie Boon for questions or to request an application.



Feel free to contact us and we will be thrilled to help you learn more about Sifa Threads!