Sifa Threads



Asha graduated in Spring of 2016.  She is living in Temeka near her family.  She has recently opened up her own fruit and vegetable stand "genge" and keeps her sewing machine next to it so that she can sell her merchandise and sew for customers at the same time.  She uses her business to support herself and her baby, Mariam. 










Meryciana graduated in Spring of 2016 and immediately began working as an assistant manager for Sifa Threads.  She also has a thriving business and has become a very talented seamstress and designer. She assists in training our new students as well as helping with design and leather craft.



Josephina graduated in Spring 2016 and is now selling her own batik designs.  She runs a business out of her home and keeps her sewing machine there so she can sew for customers in her community.  She has returned several times to Sifa Threads to check in.  We are thrilled every time we get a visit from our sweet Josephina.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and protection in her life.  



Hobokella graduated in 2017 with a business plan and savings in the bank.  She has dreams of opening up her own shop.  She has rented a space in Sifa Threads as her first step to building up her client base.  She has already designed and sewn some beautiful clothes for happy customers.  You can visit Hobokella from May-October 2017 at Sifa Threads to get your own custom pieces sewn.